Corporate One Federal Credit Union is now inviting natural person credit unions using the IMAGEin check capture and processing software to bring their business to the Columbus, Ohio, corporate without disruption in operations or product support.

Corporate One and Bluepoint Solutions of Vista, Calif., are partnering to allow credit unions to transfer their existing licenses without additional cost by switching product support directly to Bluepoint, which will then send the images to Corporate One for processing and clearing.

Bluepoint is the developer of the software engine for the IMAGEin branch capture solution designed for corporates to deploy to member credit unions.

“For credit unions using IMAGEin that are exploring alternative corporate relationships, this partnership allows them to protect their financial investment in IMAGEin, and prevent disruption of service to their operations and, most importantly, their members,” said Hal Tilbury, CEO of Bluepoint Solutions.

The $4.9 billion, 775-member Corporate One said it is one of the few corporates not to lose any members’ capital investment in the past couple years and that it currently exceeds all capital ratios at the “well capitalized” levels as set by regulators.

“This new relationship builds on our philosophy of providing best-in-class services to credit unions, while making it as convenient and affordable as possible. We’re proud to offer credit unions a seamless alternative to looking outside of the credit union network for the processing and settlement of their items,” said Robert Coyan, senior vice president of marketing and operations at Corporate One.

Last December, Bluepoint issued a similar invitation to its branch capture clients using any corporate credit union. The company said it now provides check capture, processing and document management solutions to more than 1,000 credit unions.