CO-OP Shared Branching, part of CO-OP Financial Services, will now serve Hawaiian credit unions through a relationship with the Hawaii Credit Union Service Organization.

HiCUSO actively promotes shared branching to all of Hawaii’s 85 credit unions, CO-OP said. The CUSO comprises 17 member credit unions with 57 branches throughout the state.

“The platform’s flexibility, reliability, architectural design and innovational qualities not only allow us to provide the most advantageous shared branching services to our credit unions, but also to connect seamlessly to other delivery products offered by CO-OP Financial Services,” said Norman Okimoto, HiCUSO board chairman.

“CO-OP exists to help credit unions like those in Hawaii better compete by pooling resources to surpass even the largest financial institutions. We are enthusiastic about the evolution of the delivery systems that will come out of our partnership with HiCUSO,” said Stan Hollen, president/CEO of CO-OP Financial Services.