Baby boomers will keep on working, small businesses will expect more global reach from their local credit union or bank, and cloud computing and smartphone adoption will hasten an end to brick-and-mortar banking. A new “She-conomy” also will emerge.

Intuit Financial Services makes those predictions in its “A Look Into the Intuit 2020 Report: The Future of Financial Services” it released today. The provider of the Quicken accounting tools and online banking to hundreds of credit unions through Intuit Financial Services sponsored the report compiled by Emergent Research and based on Intuit’s original 2020 report released in October.

The new, 27-page analysis covers a variety of topics and makes some predictions, including the demise of branches.

“Cloud computing will reshape how value-added products and services are designed and delivered to customers,” the report predicts. “Virtual interaction with customers will become the primary interaction for financial institutions, with data analytics creating ‘high touch, high-tech’ personalized relationships. Also driving the need for digital banking will be Baby Boomers starting new careers to pay for their own aging and the demands of Gen Yers now in their prime earning years.”

Globally, more than a billion new middle-class consumers will enter the market, primarily from Asia, the report said, and women will take on increasingly prominent roles in what the report calls a new “She-conomy.”

The report is available at Intuit’s portal.