The California Department of Financial Institutions said Tuesday it had reached an agreement with FoolProof, the Florida consumer advocacy initiative adopted by state leagues, to start offering financial literacy curriculum in schools, colleges, military bases and among senior citizens groups across the state.

DFI said the partnering venture will feature “consumer programming for both adults and school age youngsters to be promoted year-round.”

The venture is slated for a public kickoff and media tour April 4 during Financial Literacy Month.

“Financial literacy empowers Californians to make wise financial decisions,” explained Alana Golden, consumer education and outreach manager for DFI. “We are pleased to partner with FoolProof to offer innovative and comprehensive financial programs for residents of all ages.”

In an expansion of its existing arrangement with CU-backed literacy programs at 15 state leagues, FoolProof said it would be targeting specific FoolProof suites to specific constituencies. “For instance our ‘Solo’ program will be promoted to the military, while ‘workplace skills’ will be promoted to the underserved, and our consumer website for adults will be featuring special videos aimed at women’s groups and at senior citizens,” said Will deHoo, FoolProof’s founder.

FoolProof Chairman Remar Sutton said the FoolProof California Project will showcase credit unions’ unique role in consumer advocacy. “Because we are developing special California elements of our programs, and investing a good bit in those programs, we’re going to be relying on a single large credit union in each major California metropolitan area to help FoolProof promote the project,”

The California programs, he said, will be available on credit unions’ websites as well as those of state agencies and nongovernmental groups that join the partnership.