Third Degree Advertising, an Oklahoma City agency, has opened an office in Durham, N.C., its very first expansion on the East Coast aimed at serving an industry intent on leveraging CU advantages over banks.

The Durham branch is to be handling marketing accounts for a group of clients in and around the state of Georgia and North Carolina CUs, and also is promoting a CU-catered financial literacy package for teachers run by Banzai, a Utah-based firm purchased a year ago by Third Degree.

“The Raleigh-Durham-Charlotte area has now become an important area for high tech talent and so it seems logical and a strategic move for us to establish a base here,” said Roy Page, president/CEO of Third Degree, which has been a principal agency for the $2.2 billion Tinker FCU of Oklahoma City.

Apart from its Oklahoma city office, Third Degree also opened an office in Provo, Utah, facility last year following its acquisition of Banzai, whose software products are targeted at small CUs eager to reach educators and young people. new office marks the first time that third-Degree has ventured beyond it’s home base in Oklahoma.