Credit union managers in Galveston, Tex., are not even whispering the name “Ike” or “hurricane.”

So far in 2009, there has been no sign of anything like the misery that befell Galveston Island and the many of CUs of southeast Texas, which sustained huge property losses during the Sept. 12, 2008, storm and its aftermath of destruction.

Now more than a year later, the Texas Credit Union League is holding its 22nd annual Credit Union Marketing & Business Development Conference at the historic Hotel Galvez Nov. 4-6. At one time it seemed certain the league would have to cancel or relocate the 2009 Galveston meeting, which is expected to draw 150.

“It’s late September and it’s always a bit tense around here but we’re sure glad the Texas Credit Union League is going ahead and holding its meeting here,” said Carol Purdy, president/CEO of the $40 million Coastal Community CU.

Purdy, often called one of Texas CU heroes of Hurricane Ike for keeping her CU operating from a makeshift branch serving grateful cashless fire and police employees, said she looks forward to attending the conference.

“A year ago I was lucky enough to make it to that Austin conference also in November, and it was actually the first time I got away from the credit union office even for a day, and it was a relief,” said Purdy, who managed to restore CU operations despite major damage . The CU was only able to get back into its main office last March.