Citing an urgent need for improved advocacy at both federal and state levels, the Texas Credit Union League announced this week it is fielding a corps of legislative coordinators comprising CEOs and senior managers across the state.

“What with the corporate crisis, card interchange, business lending and much more, the last year has demonstrated what a critical need there is for more coordinated call-to-action alerts,” declared Jim Phelps, the league’s grassroots director.

The hope is that all 520 Texas CUs will appoint a legislative coordinator in charge of handling political advocacy functions. So far 100 have responded with names, Phelps said, adding, “We certainly expect to get at least 50% by year-end.”

The league actually set a Friday deadline for CUs to send in “coordinator” names and the group includes many CEOs as well as vice presidents of lending and marketing and even some executive assistants to the CEOs.

“You just can’t have 50 or 100 alerts go out to the Texas Congressional delegation which numbers 34,” Phelps said, maintaining that the industry’s response has to be far greater.