DALLAS — Cognizant of the emphasis on asset/liability management and new ACH rules which take effect in 2009, Southwest Corporate Credit Union said this week it is expanding its training curriculum to include two Webinars on both topics.

“Credit unions are becoming more involved in A/LM out of necessity,” said Mark Decrees, manager of A/LM analysis for the Dallas corporate. “Credit unions have told us they want to know more about A/LM strategies.”

On ACH, effective Sept. 19, 2009, new NACHA operating rules will impose additional responsibilities on CUs for screening international ACH payments, said Southwest and so “because of the complexity of the new requirements and the penalties from OFAC for non-compliance” Southwest is scheduling two webinars on this topic.

Southwest Corporate also will add two new A/LM-related webinars to its training lineup-on risk mitigation strategies and on the use of A/LM as a tool in budgeting and planning. Dates for the webinars were not listed.