HOUSTON — The industry’s disaster relief apparatus went into high gear Friday for the arrival of Hurricane Ike, now a Category 3 storm with 130 mph winds, as the Texas Credit Union League estimated that 100 CUs, many of which have already closed, are in the storm’s path.

State agencies along with CUNA and NCUA had already begun activating networks and emergency communication systems on Thursday as evacuation of Houston began in earnest with thousands of cars and trucks now jamming freeways to leave the city or a 100 mile swath of the Texas coast.

In an advisory posted early today, the Texas League reminded CUs they can download a Hurricane Ike advisory on relief resources as well as an “event management script” for assisting in communication with members at ://www.tcul.coop/Disaster_Preparation.html.

The league said also its Web site offers up-to-date tracking of the hurricane’s path as well as helpful links to important sites such as the Red Cross, FEMA, the Texas Credit Union Department and NCUA.

In addition, the league said it established a “credit union condition information” page on the website to assist employees in disseminating information to their members.

“How well you, your family, your home, or business survive a disaster often depends on how well you prepare beforehand,” warned Richard Ensweiler, president/CEO. “Hurricane Katrina taught us a valuable lesson on that.”