BOSTON — Telephone Workers’ Credit Union is dialing in for a name change to Liberty Bay Credit Union.

According to Liberty Bay CU President/CEO Kenneth C. Dyer, the name change was necessary to better reflect the diversity of its growing membership, which now also serves the greater Boston community.

“Since 1917, the credit union has provided our membership with trusted knowledge and direction. We’re proud to offer to the community the same level of service and products–and we wanted to make sure that no one felt excluded by our name,” said Dyer.

The new name and logo, which features a lighthouse, are designed to illustrate the $529 million credit union’s ability to help members navigate their way through their finances at various points in life.

“We have a solution for every stage of life and look forward to continually improving our products and services as an ever-growing number of people follow the new Liberty Bay beacon to financial freedom and independence,” said Liberty Bay Board Chairman Robert Foley.