FORT WORTH, Texas — CU Members Mortgage here, which provides mortgage services to more than 850 credit unions, CUSOs and leagues nationwide, announced that Alison Barksdale has been named its the new marketing director.

“This is an important position for us, and we’re excited to have someone as talented and as experienced as Alison to fill it,” said Linda Clampitt, vice president of CU Members Mortgage. “Our marketing director is responsible not only for our own communications but also in assisting our credit union partners with marketing their mortgage programs to their members. I’m excited about the new ideas Alison is bringing both to CU Members Mortgage and to our credit union partners.”

Barksdale worked at EECU in Arlington, Texas during her college days, and her career took her to various marketing divisions of different companies and industries, including a three-year stint where she wrote for a magazine. But she returned to the CU world, working with CU Members Mortgage’ sister company for two years before being accepting her new position.

“There’s a level of integrity you find in the financial world, that other industries don’t have. I missed that,” Barksdale said. “I knew I’d find that high level of integrity at CU Members Mortgage, and it was a great fit from the beginning.”