DUBUQUE, Iowa — For Robert Hoefer, a good citizen and president/CEO of the $465 million Dupaco Community Credit Union, the conclusion of tomorrow’s Iowa Caucuses, will provide sheer relief “from nine hours of nonstop TV ads and 10 phone calls at my home every night.”

Planning to join a local caucus on Thursday, Hoefer calls the process “very exciting” agreeing with pollsters that many Iowans have still not made up their minds even after hearing the countless speeches and taking part in scores of rallies in cafes, homes, schools and businesses.

Beyond a financial literacy pitch by the Iowa Credit Union League and AARP, there has been nary a mention of credit unions in any of the campaign talk but it is clear credit unions “have an important role in the financial mainstream of America,” said Hoefer.

Like many Iowa CUs, the $1.2 billion Veridian of Waterloo, has been careful about its nonpartisan role is indeed encouraging employees “to be involved in the process and to select the candidate of your choice” but at the same time reminding policymakers “the very important role credit unions play” in economic life, said Michael Harvey, executive vice president.

The grassroots nature of the campaigning, still leaves Iowa CU execs admittedly awed with one noting “can you believe we had Hillary around the block from my house?” adding, however, that the recorded phone calls interrupting the family dinner table gets a little tiring to say the least. “My wife is now into calling out, ‘It’s Hillary, dear’ or ‘Joe Biden’s on the phone, darling.’”