WASHINGTON — The only thing that stands between the merger between the American Bankers Association and America’s Community Bankers is wading through the legal paperwork.

ABA Spokesman John Hall said the merger should be formal as of Dec. 1. “Essentially, it’s just the legal process right now,” he explained. Both groups’ boards and members have approved the combination.

As part of the deal, it was previously announced that ABA President/CEO Ed Yingling would continue in that role for the combined entity and ACB President/CEO Diane Casey-Landry will serve as executive vice president and chief operating officer. Other executive staffing changes in an internal memo shared with Credit Union Times included:

- ACB’s Bob Davis will oversee housing and mortgage market policy development, government sponsored enterprises, minority banking, bank fraud and risk management, and mutual institutions. His group will support legislative operations relating to these areas.

- ACB’s Bob Schmermund will oversee member relations, membership and sales.

- ACB’s Bill Kroll will oversee mortgage solutions, credit card services, capital markets, ABA Business Solutions, commercial lending, and future businesses that call for active management.

- ABA’s Dawn Causey will be the general counsel and also oversee state law issues.

- ABA’s Floyd Stoner will oversee congressional affairs, grassroots, relations with bank lobbyists, and the American Bankers Insurance Association.

- ABA’s Wayne Abernathy will oversee regulatory affairs, economic policy, policy development and compliance.

- ABA’s Ginny Dean will oversee communications, publications, press relations, and general ABA marketing.

- ABA’s Bob Eady will be CFO and oversee finance, IT, human resources and facilities.

- ABA’s Becky Morter will oversee international relations, the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade, and the International Monetary Conference.

- ABA’s John Wolff will oversee the Corporation for American Banking, ABPFIC (our insurance company) and our Web page.

- ABA’s Doug Adamson will oversee schools, conferences, bank training, and the current products he oversees.

- ABA’s Beth Climo will oversee the American Bankers Securities Association.

- ABA’s Jeff Owen will oversee the state association division, our PAC, and the America’s Community Bankers Council. He will also become chief of staff.

“With the executive staff in place, we will be able to move quickly in coming weeks to place the rest of the staff for the new ABA,” the Sept. 25 memo read. “While we are confident about the synergies that exist in combining the staffs, we know that for some there remains uncertainty, and we therefore plan to finalize staff decisions by the end of October.”

Titles and who will report to whom are still in the works.