DALLAS — TNB Card Services, the card portfolio processing arm of credit union-owned Town North Bank, has rolled out a product designed to help credit unions who process with the bank to better understand the flow of card data they receive.

Dubbed the VIP Portfolio Pro, the program enables a credit union to stay on top of the growth of its credit card accounts, trends in overall balances and credit lines, balances per account, net retail sales, interest income, and much more, TNB said. It increases a credit union’s ability to monitor for potential fraud and manage its portfolio risk.

“VIP Portfolio Pro gives a better overall picture of our portfolio,” said Keith Spivey, vice president of payment systems for EECU, the Texas-based credit union with more than 100,000 members and assets of more than $637 million. EECU was one of several credit unions that piloted VIP Portfolio Pro in an extensive test of the tool.

Spivey went on to say that VIP Portfolio Pro “also provides good trending information, as well as highlighting strengths and challenges that were previously much harder to identify. There are multiple ways to view the portfolio data, which helps us understand how to manage it more effectively.”