MARIETTA, Ga.–LGE Federal Credit Union is working to boost confidence in its online banking through the use of Fraud Analyst (R).

Fraud Analyst (R), a multifactor authentication solution from Digital Resolve, provides risk-based authentication with powerful yet transparent user authentication to reduce online fraud by as much as 90%. The system uses behavior profiles to track how members usually log in to their online accounts so financial institutions can spot suspect log-in behavior in real time, and provide further authentication if a log-in transaction meets pre-defined risk thresholds set by the financial institution without disrupting the member.

“We discussed at length our desire to increase the use of online banking and to make it as simple as possible for our members,” Stanley Hixon, CISSP and Network Security Administrator for LGE, said.

“Fraud Analyst was an attractive solution for the ease of use for our members; the platform was flexible enough to fit into our existing network infrastructure; and implementation was smooth and predictable. Another thing that differentiated Fraud Analyst was its research and reporting capabilities, which paid off immediately in helping LGE to understand the log-in behaviors of our members.”