ARLINGTON, Va. — Since the infrastructure to even send the checks from the CU’s back office is not widely in place yet, what happens to all those checks that members deposit at one of the new, envelope-free ATMs?

“Somebody comes by and picks them up and takes them to be processed,” explained Jim Hanisch, executive vice president with CO-OP Financial Services, which has taken a leading role in check imaging. “Right now the only thing the machine really does is scan the check image and print the image on the receipt for the member.”

That means that currently the only benefit to having the check imaging machines in place has been with CU members who have generally been pleased with getting their checks on their receipts and using the machines where they have been deployed.

“The hardware has definitely outrun the networking,” Hanisch said, “but the machines in place are getting members used to being able to deposit without envelopes and getting them ready for when the networking will be in place,” Hanisch said.