GREENSBORO, N.C. — Helping to meet the need for food assistance that increases during the summer months, the staff at First Carolina Corporate Credit Union has donated $1,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, a nonprofit organization working to reduce hunger and malnutrition in communities located in northwest N.C.

With schools closed for the summer, the free/reduced in-school meal programs are not available to students, creating hardships for many families that rely on these programs to feed their children. The funds donated by First Carolina’s staff will go a long way in helping these families.

For every $1 donated to Second Harvest Food Bank, the organization is able to distribute $15 worth of food. First Carolina’s donation will provide for the distribution of $15,000 worth of food to families in need.

“Because of our staff’s commitment to support the summer food drive, families living in our community will receive meal assistance when they most need it,” said David Brehmer, president/CEO of First Carolina. “Partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank is a great investment in our community. We know the value of our donations will be multiplied many times, increasing our impact on fighting hunger in our community.”

In addition to raising money for Second Harvest, First Carolina employees are also volunteering for the organization, assisting with special events and working in the warehouse.