LAKEWOOD, N.J. – With bankers on the attack about CU taxation marketing/public relations firm CUVA has unveiled a new proactive tool to fight back – a little song called “Hypocrisy.”

Set to the theme of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” the song presents bankers as “greedy gray suits with an axe to grind” and that “In all of the bankers quarrels they left out a simple fact – CUs are not-for-profit unlike banks who are just that.” It then challenges bankers to convert to credit unions and ends with “Saying we’re just like banks is complete hypocrisy!”

“This song offers a humorous look at the situation, with a serious lesson that really hits home,” said CUVA President Laura Enock, who wrote the lyrics.

Credit unions can license the catchy educational song for use on their Web sites, as mp3 downloads for members, on-hold messages, to play in their lobbies, radio commercials, and for other marketing/public relations’ purposes at