SALT LAKE CITY – For Mountain America Credit Union members, raising money for their favorite charity is only a swipe away. The credit union has teamed up with Tricordia Community Enrichment Programs, a company connecting consumers and merchants in order to benefit local nonprofit organizations, to launch a new debit/credit card loyalty shopping program dubbed LendingHand. “Everybody wants to support causes that are important to them-and LendingHand allows our members to do that without a financial burden to themselves. It’s an easy and convenient way for our members to give back to their communities,” said Mountain America CU President/CEO Gordon Dames. Registered members that shop and dine at participating merchants earn rebates for the benefit of local nonprofit causes like churches, schools, the children’s hospital, soccer clubs or other nonprofit organizations. “Tricordia’s loyalty shopping model is a unique way for members to generate funds for their favorite cause practically every day all year long,” said John F. Sickles, founder, CEO, and managing partner of Tricordia. “By partnering with Mountain America, we are able to provide a better way for consumers, regardless of income, to generate money for their causes.” Participants can select up to three causes, of their own choice, to support. If they choose not to select a cause, funds benefit Primary Children’s Medical Center, a Children’s Miracle Network hospital.