ST. PAUL, Minn. – Car buying has gotten easier for members of credit unions affiliated with the Minnesota Credit Union Network. Credit Union Discount Auto Services (CUDA), in cooperation with the Minnesota Credit Union Network, has created a Web-based auto buying service for members. Beginning Oct. 1, through CUDA’s Web site, members can obtain guaranteed below-advertised prices on new and used vehicles being sold by participating Twin Cities auto dealers. CUDA’s Web site is liked with various auto dealers, making discounted vehicles available while simultaneously generating loans for the CU. The Web site is also designed to help non-members find a credit union they can join. The site will ensure that auto loans are directed to the CU as the result of a new concept – the CU Member Price Certificate. The Price Certificates can be printed from CUDA’s Web site to “lock in” the special member’s price. In addition, members purchasing used vehicles will receive a free third-party vehicle report.