SAN FRANCISCO – Attention may be focused on the effects of Hurricane Rita but CUNA’s President/CEO Dan Mica’s first priority after this week’s Future Forum conference here will be to visit Katrina-ravaged Louisiana credit unions. At the request of the Louisiana Credit Union League, Mica plans a visit to the state this Friday “to observe first hand the relief efforts for local credit unions.” “My aim is to listen to accounts of what has been happening, ask questions about what further assistance CUNA and the movement at large can be in helping Louisiana credit unions continue to serve their members,” said Mica. CUNA said Mica is scheduled to attend a meeting with local league and CU officials in Baton Rouge, tour a shared branching facility in the city, then travel to New Orleans to see the impact of flooding on smaller credit unions in the city. Mica said CUNA stands ready to “to lend whatever assistance and support I can personally to local credit unions.” The CUNA president will travel directly to Baton Rouge following the Forum conference here, said a spokesman.