“You have to reach a critical mass. After a couple of years lobbying a measure, the legislature sees we haven’t given up and therefore assumes it’s important to us. They test you, so you need to be a good trooper and make your case over and over again.” – Amy Kramer, VP Governmental Affairs, New York State Credit Union League, explaining what it takes to get a bill passed in the state legislature. “The League has an excellent relationship with the Governor, the legislature, and the public. Credit unions have earned the respect of consumers, and do not expect to give up their place as the most trusted providers, especially when it is due to the carelessness of third-parties.” – John Annaloro, CEO of the Washington Credit Union League, on what is really at stake in the wave of card security breaches. “The senate was made to be the more deliberative body. They have different priorities over there.” -NAFCU Director of Legislative Affairs Brad Thaler on the wait for regulatory relief legislation in the Senate.