NEW YORK – The National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions has honored two pioneering executives in the community development credit union industry with the Annie Vamper award, the Federation’s highest honor. The two winners are Lillian Bent, CEO of the $8 million Union Settlement FCU, headquartered in New York City and Daisy White a recently retired board member of the $7 million First Delta FCU, headquartered in Marks, Mississippi. Over the years Lillian Bent has shown her commitment to the credit union philosophy of “people helping people” by selflessly volunteering expertise at various New York City credit unions, including Central Brooklyn FCU, Bethex FCU, and as an organizing advisor for Neighborhood Trust FCU, the Federation said. Additionally during her tenure, Union Settlement FCU accepted the mergers of two other low-income credit unions in Harlem, Canaan Baptist Church FCU and Fidelity FCU. Daisy White was one of the first advocates for establishing a credit union in Marks and Quitman County, Mississippi, and has devoted her life to expanding literacy, education, and community development throughout that region. White first became involved with 1st Delta Federal Credit Union in 1980 when her church sponsored the first meeting of the credit union’s organizing committee.