SAYREVILLE, N.J. – Raritan Bay Federal Credit Union has taken a cue from the mall for its South Amboy Middle High School student branch called the Lighthouse. What was once located in an old classroom in the Middle School wing of the school is now a freestanding kiosk located outside of the school’s dining hall. Volunteers of the Lighthouse sparked the innovative idea during a meeting with representatives of Raritan Bay FCU. When asked how the credit union could generate more interest in their fellow students, volunteers mentioned that the location of the branch needed to be reconsidered. This consideration inspired Damien Fumero, class of 2005, to create the concept of a freestanding kiosk that could be relocated whenever necessary. Positioning the branch outside of the cafeteria, to be open for business during the school’s lunch periods, has been in the best interest of the volunteers and the student members. Art Education students from South Amboy High School painted the kiosk to look like a real credit union branch building.