Florida residents are still reeling from the recent onslaught of four consecutive, massive, destructive, hurricanes that hit the Sunshine State dead on. It will take years and billions of dollars before any semblance of normality can be restored. Although the Credit Union Times all-glass headquarters building in West Palm Beach was fortunately spared from any major damage, staff members living in Florida felt the full brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath. They had damage to their homes (pool screens destroyed, tiles torn off, etc.) and yards (bushes uprooted, huge trees and fences toppled, etc.), but mostly they were forced to endure many days with no power and no phone or Internet service and the unavailability of food and fuel. Despite theses (and many more) hardships, the staff managed to put out three consecutive issues of Credit Union Times right on time. Stories on how they did it (one issue done from a staffer’s home where power was still on) would fill an issue of this publication. Suffice it to say that despite conditions that could only be described as impossible, they did the impossible. Many readers, especially those who were aware that the offices of Credit Union Times were in the direct path of several hurricanes making landfall within a three-week period, were more than a little surprised that their issues arrived right on time. To which we can only say, never underestimate the determination and dedication of the staff of this publication. We sure don’t! -