PHOENIX-The Arizona Credit Union League said it has reached an agreement “in principle” to allow the California Credit Union League to manage its education and training products. “We haven’t quite finalized an agreement yet, but this is simply part of a corporate trend to partner with those firms that have special expertise,” explained Pat Bodnar, vice president of public affairs. The League said it tentatively decided on signing up with the California League following the July 1 retirement of a long-time staffer, Lee Cales, director of training and education. Under the reciprocal pact, said Bodnar, Arizona CU executives may take part in education programs in its neighbor state and in turn, the California League may slate sessions “on say, robbery prevention in Tucson and Phoenix.” A spokesman for the California League said it has a “less formal” partnering pact with the Hawaii Credit Union League, although the president of that League, Dennis Tanimoto, said he is planning a trip to California to “listen to some proposals they have.” But the California League spokesman said it was unclear what Tanimoto might be referring to.