PEWAUKEE, Wis. – With the number of consumers affected by identity theft continuing to increase, Wisconsin credit unions are using a public service announcement (PSA) for radio to warn consumers about the risks of identity theft and teach them ways to protect themselves from becoming victims. The PSA announcement features the voice of Green Bay Packer kicker Ryan Longwell. He states: “Identity theft – someone using your name, social security number or birth date to steal your financial accounts, buy things and get loans – is a growing problem. Protect yourself. Never give information to unsolicited callers. Shred pre-approved credit apps, receipts and bills. Memorize your PIN numbers. Your financial institution has more tips. Ask them.” The PSA announcement ends with an announcer saying “brought to you by the credit unions of Wisconsin.” WCUL President/CEO Brett Thompson said the League is hoping using a sports figure in the PSA will help consumers take notice and start protecting themselves.