HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. – People’s Alliance Federal Credit Union President/CEO Nicholas M. Lacetera has helped shed some light on practical examples of the credit union philosophy for Japan. Lacetera recently met with Sumio Kinoshita, president/CEO, of NIKKIN – The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd. to discuss the differences between banks and credit unions in the United States and Japan, as well as People’s Alliance FCU’s community involvement. According to NIKKIN, Japanese financial institutions have been forced to focus more on community relationships and there is a growing interest in revitalizing local industry in their communities. Kinoshita flew to the United States to find out more about PAFCU’s strong community relationships and strategies to serve as a reference for NIKKIN readers who find it difficult to combine retail strategies with local community. NIKKIN – The Japan Financial News Co., Ltd., has a circulation of 150,000 and specializes in providing services to all types of financial institutions.