ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Though credit union charter activity, such as adding underserved areas and mergers, was slow in February, it was in line with numbers from the same period in 2003. NCUA only approved four community charter conversions last month while deferring 15. The two largest conversions were Mutual First Federal Credit Union of Omaha, Neb., which added 716,998 new potential members to the $90 million credit union’s field of membership, and the $415 million Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union adding nearly 700,000 to its FOM pool. Both credit unions already have about 200,000 members. Federal credit unions adopted just eight underserved areas in February, consistent with the six adopted in February 2003. XCEL Federal Credit Union in Jersey City added an area of 367,970 potential members. Another state chartered credit union, the $40.5 million Riverside Federal Credit Union in Buffalo, N.Y., has converted to a federal charter. TIP-trade, industry, or profession-charters were granted to Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union to serve the industry statewide adding about 40,000 potential members and FAA First Federal Credit Union in Los Angeles serving the airline industry nationwide. Even mergers slowed with just 19 approved in February, attributing to the loss of six credit unions over $10 million in assets, nine between $1 and $10 million, and four under $1 million in assets.