HOUSTON – Despite their regulatory and philosophical disagreements, banks and credit unions still need to cooperate more than attack one another, particularly in the areas of cards and payment systems, according to Stan Paur, the CEO of PULSE EFT Association, the only ATM Network in the country owned by both banks and credit unions. Paur, who has begun campaigning to convince banks and credit unions to cooperate more on payments and card issues, reacted to the news the Board of Directors of the Texas Bankers Association had recently barred credit unions from taking part in the TBA’s Fraud Net program or educational programs. “Collaboration is essential to maintain consumer confidence, whether that collaboration is in paper payments or the electronic variety,” Paur noted. He also observed that both banks and credit unions acquire transactions and issue ATM and other cards, so cooperation between them on these transactions and in matters such as fraud prevention can only help both types of institution and their cardholders.