MANCHESTER, U.K. – The Association of British Credit Unions (ABCUL) has launched its new Web site using the org tag at It replaces its site. In addition, a modern blue and white color scheme replaces the former fire engine red. ABCUL spokeswoman Abbie Shelton said, “the whole site is based on a new content management system which enables us to add documents and pictures to information pages and news articles. We have also added a new loan calculator, so visitors can work out the maximum cost of a credit union loan, and each credit union’s page now has a link to a mapping site, so visitors will find it easier to find their local credit union. ABCUL used the same Web design company they used for their old site. Shelton said “the site aims to get stories about the great work credit unions are doing to the public and media, provide information about what services are offered, make it easy for people to see what great value credit unions are, and find out where they can join one.” Some of the other features are: a news bulletin service that allows people to subscribe to a newsletter, the ability to attach documents and photos, and a link through to the site, for ABCUL members which will include necessary documents and a discussion page.