WASHINGTON-Credit union leagues are busy ensuring they get their money’s worth out of Credit Union House, in which all the leagues are invested, as well as supporting credit union legislative causes. Last week, the Arizona, Ohio, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire leagues all held receptions at credit unions’ Capitol Hill home away from home. Arizona Credit Union League President Gary Plank said that Congressmen Ral Grijalva (D) and Jim Kolbe (R) of the Arizona congressional delegation attended their reception as well as did four Hill staffers. “I would call it a success,” he said. The Arizona credit union officials discussed bankruptcy reform and other national issues, as well as local issues, such as base closings. A representative of Huachuca Federal Credit Union, serving Fort Huachuca and the surrounding community, was on hand at the reception. Following the reception, the league was out the door and up the Hill heading for each of their Congressman’s and Senator’s offices during their Hike the Hill. The league is also attending a fundraiser for Freshman Congressman Rick Renzi (R). This was Arizona’s third Hike the Hill trip to Washington.