VIENNA, Va. – With its latest auto loan marketing campaign Navy Federal Credit Union is hoping it has doubled the chances for success. “Every year during spring or fall we run an auto loan campaign but this year we decided to try developing two campaigns targeting different demographics,” said Navy FCU Senior Corporate Marketing Representative Susan Fukui. “Part of the reason for this solution is all those zero percent offers out there. After brainstorming we decided to run a rate driven and low payment driven campaign because even with a low rate not everyone can afford car payments.” The result is the Gotta have it? and Love at first sight? promotions. Designed in-house and targeting a younger market, the Gotta have it? promotional pieces suggest a younger, hipper look and feel with the use of bold primary colors and taglines like “The ride has you hooked” and “The sound system rocks”. On the other side of the spectrum, appealing to the senses of an upper-end more established older audience with warm colors and sensual glimpses of a luxury car, is the Love at first sight? campaign. The marketing distinction even extends to the $15 billion credit union’s branches. “We had an analyst gather more information on our most recent branch demographics so that those branches with foot traffic from younger families and the recently enlisted will feature the Gotta have it? brochures and posters and other branches with more affluent members will feature the Love at first sight? collateral,” said Fukui. According to Fukui it is a bit premature to determine just how successful the promotion will be since it is currently running.