SAN FRANCISCO – The board of the $2.8 billion Patelco CU didn’t see any reason to look outside of the credit union to find Ed Callahan’s successor because they felt they had the talent already sitting in-house. The Patelco Board has selected Andy Hunter, who is currently serving as president/COO of the credit union, as Patelco CU’s next CEO. Hunter has been with Patelco since 1990, and has been serving in his current position since 1998. “We determined that the strongest candidate for the CEO position was already on our team and are very pleased with Andy’s appointment,” said Patelco Chairman Colleen O’ Grady Diamond. Callahan will be finishing out the year, so Hunter will take over next January. Callahan said he’s pleased with the move. “I myself have been privileged to have him as my No. 2 over the last 10 years. Taking the pulse of the staff, I think everyone is excited to know Andy is going to be in charge,” said Callahan. Hunter, 52, said the board knows what it’s getting with him. “I think part of why the board chose me is that it would minimize adjustments. It reflects the board’s satisfaction with the way the credit union is going,” said Hunter. He doesn’t expect a major transition from his current job to the CEO spot. Callahan, a former NCUA chairman, is one of the biggest names in the CU industry, and Hunter knows his are some big shoes to fill. Hunter said his management style won’t be too much different to Callahan’s, though their personalities are. “My personality is a bit different than Ed’s, everyone’s is,” joked Hunter, who hinted that he’s a bit more low-key than Callahan. “I think my management style will be like Ed’s in that I believe in informality. We are also both numbers oriented.” Callahan concurs that from a personality standpoint staff will notice a difference. “He’s low-key. He’s got a great sense of humor, but he’s more laid back them I am. I’m an old football coach. When push comes to shove I retreat to the locker room and charge up the troops. Andy will do that, but in his own way,” said Callahan. By the time Hunter takes over, the CU’s conversion to private insurance will be complete. He was behind the move all the way. “We think there is a compelling argument to be made for a lot of our members and indirectly for all of our members in having more of their dollars insured.” Hunter’s entire professional life has been in this industry. Since graduating college, he’s never drawn a pay check from any other place than a CU or a CU organization. While at the University of California Riverside, Hunter was working with the university’s facilities department where a supervisor got him an unpaid internship at Riverside Campus CU. “That turned into a paying job, and credit unions turned into my entire adult professional life.” Hunter said he’s been fortunate so far to have worked with some big names in the credit union industry. Other than Callahan he’s worked with Orange County Teachers CU President/CEO Rudy Hanley, serving as an EVP under Hanley; and with former WesCorp President/ CEO Dick Johnson. At WesCorp, Hunter served as Manager of Finance and Operations. Hunter also worked at the California CU League as Senior Technical Information Specialist. Hunter said under his leadership the CU will continue to join with other CUs and CU organizations for common goals. Over the years Patelco has been active in a number of CUSOs. “We have always been cost conscious, so we like to cooperate with others.” An avid jogger and bicyclist, Hunter said he’s literally getting closer to the CU all the time. “I used to live two and a half miles from the credit union. I just moved and now live a half a mile away. I walk to work.”