BURNABY, B.C. -Okanagan-based credit union network, Okanagan IT Alliance, and CGI Group Inc. announced the signing of a seven-year outsourcing agreement valued at CDN$16 million. CGI is the parent company of credit union data processor C.U. Processing. CGI will manage the banking, electronic payments, loan origination and customer relations management (CRM) services for the participating members of the Alliance. This will be done via the CGI Retail Financial Services Platform delivered in Application Service Provider (ASP) mode. CGI will deliver processing services to the desktops using a Web-enabled employee portal. Not only will the employee portal support traditional banking transactions, it will also integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), loans origination with online loan decisioning, and other productivity tools used by credit union staff on a day-to-day basis. -pgentile@cutimes.com