<p>WASHINGTON – One size does not fit all, say consumer groups in response to a current terrorism insurance legislation now on the Senate floor (S. 2600) that would require taxpayers to foot the bill for future terror losses. The groups would prefer that a targeted legislation to address the very limited terror insurance problems that exist in a few areas of the country be passed instead. In urging the Senate to reject the bill consumer groups have cited the following reasons: A vigorous private market is filling most terror insurance gaps and a federal hand out is not necessary; Taxpayers would pick up the tab for most terror losses; Insurers would not have to pay back financial assistance that they receive; State regulators are banned from effectively controlling excessive rates; and Insurance companies can pocket terror insurance premiums that have already been paid even though federal back up will sharply reduce their financial risk. In addition, the organizations called on the President and Congress to create incentives that would hasten the development of affordable terror insurance alternatives including expanding the Liability Risk Retention Act, developing proposals to encourage the securitization of risk; and determining if there are any tax disincentives for the development of captive insurance or self-insurance mechanisms.</p>