<p>ST. PAUL, Minn. – Results of an independent study conducted by QualPro, a leading independent quality testing and consulting company, found that checks produced by Deluxe Corp. using the company’s proprietary printing process have a “significantly” lower magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) rate than checks produced by the leading competitive MICR printing process. To determine the MICR reject rate of the two check printing processes, QualPro studies statistically valid samples of checks produced using Deluxe’s proprietary technology and that of competitive MICR printing technology. Samples were run through an IBM 3890 Reader/Sorter, and checks that failed to go through the sorter twice were considered rejects. The study commissioned by Deluxe, found that the company’s proprietary printing process had a 0.017% MICR reject rate, while checks printed using the most common competitive printing process had a 0.047% MICR reject rate. Southeast Corporate’s speaker line-up set for annual meeting, economic forum</p>