FORT WORTH, Texas – State National Companies has launched a new real-time IVR system. State National’s system links a new high-speed telecommunications server to the company’s existing telephone system. The system’s software developer also designed the specialized scripts according to State National’s specifications. Internal IT staff created the real-time link to StarTrak, SNC’s proprietary insurance tracking system. The idea is to free up SNC customer service reps to answer more complex questions. By automating routine calls 18 hours a day, seven days a week, the IVR system will help achieve that goal, said the company. During peak calling times, callers may leave their phone numbers and the system automatically calls back when a representative is available. “Today we interact with our clients by fax, e-mail and EDI. And now with the Internet and our new IVR system, we have self-service options designed to make us even more convenient and accessible,” said Trace Ledbetter, Vice President of Service at State National Companies Ledbetter said.