WASHINGTON-After the terrorist attacks on the United States, military troops are being called into action. For the financial institutions of the armed forces personnel, this means adhering to the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act. The Act provides protections for individuals called into active duty immediately upon the date of duty until 90 days following their discharge. Under the law, any loans incurred at a rate higher than 6% shall be reduced to 6% and the financial institution may not foreclose on mortgages entered into by those on active duty if they were entered into prior to the active duty. Rental payments and leases are also protected for those on active duty. Individuals seeking this protection must apply with their lenders in writing, provide proof of mobilization, and demonstrate that circumstances warrant the reduce rate, such as a reduction in pay. Some institutions have permitted members of the armed services to simply show their papers calling them into duty to qualify for the 6% rate. CUNA will hold a free teleconference on Soldiers and Sailors October 11 from noon to 1:30 pm, central time. Panelists on the call will include Navy FCU Compliance Officer William Briscoe, CUNA Director of Compliance Information Valerie Moss and others. -scooke@cutimes.com