It said, right here in the June 27 issue of Credit Union Times that CUNA is about to break ground with a “free” (your quotes) e-book. But hey, it’s been done! “How To Get More Members To Do More Banking With You!” (yep, the”B” word!) is already on the Web… and yes, it’s totally FREE (no quotes). Folks can get it at: It was Mike Welch who first got me to “do a book”… published by CUES …about marketing for credit unions. This one, now, is number three. It goes beyond the “how-to” aspects of promotion… to talk about Marketing: 1) as a collective discipline (that includes promotion, market research, strategic planning, market positioning, product mix and sales culture development) and, 2) as a management perspective – a more valid way to view the business of running a credit union in today’s competitive market! A while back the publisher called to say it was out of print – and started sending people looking for it my way. But I already had a bunch of folks asking me for copies that I didn’t have. So I hauled the manuscript out, dusted it, and put it up on my Web site as an “e-book” (actually, we called it “freE-BOOK”!) It’s in the PDF file format – 101 pages, originally $65 a copy… what a bargain! So, good move, CUNA. But you ain’t quite first! Tony Ward-Smith President Ward-Smith & Co. Seattle, Wash.