Credit Union Times Magazine June 28, 2017

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  • CU Lawmaker Landscape

    After almost a year of work, the Maine Credit Union League succeeded in June in pushing legislation updating the state's credit union charter through the House and Senate.

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Focus Report

  • FocusReport: Innovation

    As more and more consumers head online to research financial products and services, credit unions are shifting their marketing priorities from branches to digital. Learn how they’re doing it in this Focus Report.

  • Four Ways CUs Make Digital Marketing Center Stage

    Many long-standing credit union marketing strategies have lost muscle in recent years, thanks to the advent of digital everything and the wildly changing business case for branches. The universe of posters, pamphlets and print ads has given way to search ads, social media and site optimization.

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  • Innovation in Your Own Backyard

    In the backyard? Well not literally. But innovation isn't always what people think it is. When I tell people my title at Filene Research Institute is Managing Director of Innovation, I often get an intrigued but puzzled look that reads, “Cool … but what exactly does that mean?” Or the...

  • Disruption: It's Always Been Here to Stay

    Ask any credit union CEO when he or she last recalled a day without disruption in the industry and you will wait a while for an answer. Disruption has always been with us – branch networks, online banking, mobile payments, Bitcoin … and the list will go on. While changes...

  • FINRA Turns Focus to Innovation

    The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority announced June 13 that it has established an Innovation Outreach Initiative in an effort to better understanda how new innovations in financial technology affect the industry.

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Editor-in-Chief's Column


  • Why Credit Unions Need Common-Sense Regulation

    Credit unions are known entities on Capitol Hill. I can speak to this as both an industry advocate and as a former member of Congress. There's no question that when credit unions come to Washington, people take notice and it can generate quite a reaction.

Letters to the editor

  • Readers Ponder Industry News

    These reader comments addressed payday lending, identifying employer red flags and consumers’ perception of CUs.


  • People

    The $650 million Clark County Credit Union in Las Vegas promoted Christina Aguirre to Henderson branch manager. Aguirre started in 2012 as a loan operations specialist and was quickly promoted to financial services representative and later assistant branch manager. Her responsibilities as branch manager include making sure the branch runs...


  • CUNA Shares Hopes for Economy

    While CUNA officials started the year predicting a 2.5% economic growth rate, they’re now hoping they were too optimistic.

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