IBM Security Trusteer Offers

  • The Next Generation of Criminal Fraud Detection

    This white paper discusses the challenges in using traditional risk-based authentication approaches for fraud detection and how evidence-based fraud detection can help organizations more accurately and effectively detect fraudulent transactions and account takeovers.

  • The Thriving Malware Industry: Cybercrime Made Easy

    The malware industry supplies all the components cybercriminals need to easily perpetrate malware-driven financial fraud and data theft. In today’s virtual world, the scope of organizations vulnerable to malware-driven cybercrime is quite broad.

  • Selecting the right cybercrime-prevention solution

    Cybercrime prevention needs to reach beyond fraud prevention. Organizations need to consider deployment costs, management complexity, customer experience and regulatory compliance. This document examines seven best practices for achieving effective, sustainable cybercrime prevention.

  • Old Techniques, New Channel: Mobile Malware Adapting PC Threat Techniques

    Cybercriminals have demonstrated considerable progress in their attacks on the mobile channel. Attacks have progressed from cross-channel attacks that leverage both the online and mobile channels to PC-grade malware.

  • Making a Business Case for Advanced Fraud Technology

    Discover business case components to consider a realistic and comprehensive ROI model for a holistic fraud prevention solution.

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