Stuart R. Levine

  • Creating Value in a Deleveraging World

    As I reflect on my travels to over 20 cities in 2011, I am struck by a conversation I’d like to share with you. Upon arriving late one evening in Las Vegas to speak at a credit union conference, I asked the cab driver, “How’s business?” I heard a profoundly...

  • Creating Value in a Deleveraging World

    Those who adapt and embrace new ways of working together to create innovative solutions will be the winners in this new and complex world.

  • Ensuring a Successful Merger

    Our firm recently facilitated the successful merger of two credit unions. One of the fundamental issues that we focused on was the ability of the post-merger team to quickly establish and maintain productive working relationships with employees and members.

  • Ensuring a Successful Credit Union Merger

    Merging credit unions requires a strategic plan carefully followed to help ensure success.

  • Director Assessments Can Strengthen Your Board

    Recently, I attended the 34th annual National Director’s Convention in Las Vegas as a speaker on the topic of “Relentless Strategic Leadership to Ensure Member Value. ” The sessions were attended by both directors and CEOs. The topic most commonly asked in both sessions were concerns about toxic board members,...

  • How to Strengthen Your Board Through Board Assessments

    "Toxic board members" hot topic for attendees at National Director's Convention

  • Guest Opinion: Succession Planning Is Critical Board Function

    his past month, I attended a Deloitte conference hosted by its Center for Corporate Governance, including 1,000 directors across 30 locations, live from New York City. One of the most important topics and issues discussed is the board’s approach to succession planning.

  • Succession Planning: A Strategic Imperative

    The departure of your CEO is the most important and challenging board responsibility. Most boards don’t provide sufficient time to this critical task. A Korn Ferry survey indicates that although 90% of board members think it’s important, only 30% are prepared for their CEO’s departure.

  • The Collaborative and Innovative Strategic Leader

    Having just returned from NACUSO’s 2011 Annual Conference in Las Vegas, I thought it would be appropriate to share some perspective on current issues and trends that will impact your credit union and its ability to survive and thrive.

  • Tranformational Governance Includes IT Vision, Grasp

    Last week I attended a governance conference in New York City. The primary focus of the meeting was education of directors who serve members and other important stakeholders. The real challenge that CEOs and boards face, is to learn as fast as the world is changing. This implies a commitment...

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