Michael Fryzel

  • Balancing Growth and Change: Letter to the Editor

    In 1990, there were five credit unions with more than a billion dollars in assets. In 2013, there were 207. Trends like that are ignored at their own risk.

  • Letter to the Editor: NCUA Board Member Fryzel Asks, Is Bigger Really Better?

    Do you remember when Burger King extolled the size of its hamburgers with the jingle, “The bigger the burger the better the burger, the burgers are bigger at Burger King?”

  • Letter: Fryzel Gets Man on the Street Views

    Before social media took over, there was this strange form of communication called face-to-face conversation. Two people would actually stand in the same room, look at one another and exchange thoughts and ideas through verbal interaction. For those of you who remember this form of communication, you may recall that...

  • Place Your Bets on a Larger NCUA Board and a Cubbies Series Win

    At the recent hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Financial Institutions Subcommittee on credit union regulatory burdens, a credit union trade association proposed that the size of the NCUA Board increase from three members to five members.

  • The Art of the Out of Court Settlement

    Although I never actually checked, my guess is that the great majority of lawsuits that are filed seeking money damages never go to trial. Instead, they are settled between the parties out of court.

  • Letter: Derivative Transactions May Be Helpful to CUs

    Recently, I was introduced to a financial concept that I call interestrateriskderivativeswapcap. The word may not flow as easily, but it does have an interesting sound to it and combines, for the most part, much of what needs to be looked at when proposed as a risk-management option for credit...

  • NCUA Welcomes Your Input On Proposed Rule

    One of the things I remember growing up was the monthly newsletter my parents would receive from our congressman, the late Edward J. Derwinski. He would end each correspondence with the saying, “Remember, no one wielded a scepter more powerful than a person who picks up a pencil to write...

  • Fryzel: NCUA Seeks to Improve Regulatory Environment

    At the recent NAFCU Congressional Caucus, Chairman Debbie Matz expressed a plan for regulatory improvement by NCUA. She addressed possible changes in certain regulations and a desire for a more open and transparent process that will allow for the credit union industry to know well in advance what rules are...

  • Letter: Fryzel Offers Lobbying Tips

    The viewpoint expressed by Claude R. Marx in the Sept. 21 issue [Marx on Capitol: “Need More Moneyball, People Power”] makes some strong points as to how credit unions might achieve their longtime goal of raising the member business lending cap.

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