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  • 5 Women to Watch in Technology (videos)

    These credit union leaders are taking a byte out of the stereotypes and making their mark in the credit union technology space.

  • Cooperative Trust: First, Sell Marketing Campaign Inside

    Take a moment to think about the last marketing campaign your credit union ran. Who was your target audience?

  • More Choice Can Mean Less Sales: Guest Column from The Cooperative Trust

    Just because a product sounds cool, doesn’t mean you need it. You know your latest credit card that gives 3% cash back for grill purchases? It’s probably great for a certain segment, but unless you’re CEO of Grillmasters FCU, it is unlikely to appeal to few people in your field...

  • Make Networking Easier and More Successful: Opinion

    Do you get nervous talking in front of large crowds? Introducing yourself to strangers? Or promoting your strengths to others? If so, you are not alone.

  • Feed Those Zombie Brains

    I’m a huge fan of “The Walking Dead.” I loved the comic series, and I’m pretty much addicted to the AMC television series it produced. “The Walking Dead” will soon wrap up its third season, and we’ve seen our cast of characters go through quite a lot. At times, they...

  • Will Your New Year Have Goals and Actions?

    I recently had lunch with a respected business contact and friend. During our conversation about 2012 successes and direction for 2013, we got on the topic of goals.

  • The Next Generation of Volunteers

    Gen Y, 76 million strong, will play a monumental role in what is projected to be, the largest transfer of wealth in the coming decades. With the average age of a credit union member at 47, credit unions continue to struggle to attract younger members. It is imperative that we...

  • Hacked Vs. Smacked

    Every day, I struggle to remember all the passwords I need to keep my life in order. It feels like I'm going crazy at times, but I've walled off the part of my brain that tells me to take the easy way out. I can't start thinking that way. Why?...

  • Cooperative Trust: Gen Y Must Join the Fight

    In 10 to 15 years, the majority of the senior management team at your credit union will retire. Then what?

  • Cooperative Trust: How You Say It As Important as What

    I hear it a lot. As an I.T. guy, it’s easy to see how tech-speak can turn even a highly educated executive into any other befuddled end-user. If someone’s not familiar with what you do, the terms used to describe your work might be useless or, even worse, cause more...

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