Motorola Employees Credit Union

  • Weighing Risks, Returns of Pre-Funding Benefits

    As benefits costs skyrocket, more credit unions turn to pre-funding programs.

  • People

    The $1.1 billion Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union in Lowell, Mass, hired Matthew Bernard as assistant vice president for network operations. He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry and was awarded two Purple Stars for wounds he received in combat while serving as an infantryman in...

  • Motorola Employees' Fiore Retires: People

    Read about new hires, promotions, retirement announcement and other career milestones from the credit union industry.

  • Dividends

    CEFCU, Peoria, Ill., announced that a record extraordinary dividend of $9 million has been distributed to CEFCU members. The dividend was based on members’ savings and loan activity during, with $4.5 million going to borrowers and $4.5 million going to savers.

  • Forces at Work to Lift Veil of Secrecy Around CEO Pay

    The email from a usually voluble credit union executive who had been asked to comment on the secrecy that surrounds compensation of top managers at federally chartered credit unions said, “Too touchy of a subject for me. Sorry.”

  • Alloya, CenCorp Intend to Go Big

    Go big or go home. Those five words outline exactly what is happening with the proposed merger of $1.8 billion Warrenville, Ill.-based Alloya with $1.5 billion Southfield. Mich.-based CenCorp. It’s a marriage of corporate credit unions that, if approved by CenCorp members and regulators, will produce an entity with assets...

  • Alloya, CenCorp Intend to Go Big: Print Preview

    Proposed corporate merger would produce one of the nation's largest remaining corporate credit unions. Find out more in this preview from next week's print edition.

  • Industry Reacts to GAO Report

    Corporate leaders had mixed reactions to this week's report from the GAO critiquing the NCUA's handling of the corporates crisis.

  • Catalyst Corporate Wins Bidding For Western Bridge

    The email from the NCUA to current Western Bridge members summed it up. “The National Credit Union Administration Board awarded Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union (Catalyst) the exclusive right to acquire Western Bridge Corporate Federal Credit Union (Western Bridge).”

  • Reg's Push for Volume Drives Corporate Consolidation

    And then there were 16. That is the current count of corporate credit unions, after a year where all the institutions faced an Oct. 20 NCUA deadline to qualify as “adequately capitalized” per the regulator’s calculus.

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