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  • Gains in Housing Market Expand Gateway to Credit Unions

    Thanks to the real estate bubble and its aftermath in the Great Recession, housing finance has become an increasingly important driver for credit union membership, according to credit union executives around the country.

  • Housing Market Gains Expand Gateway to Credit Unions: Print Preview

    Find out in this preview from next week's print edition how revived housing demand is driving credit union membership growth.

  • Letter: Mortgage Growth Timing Is Now

    Kudos to Callahan & Associates for acknowledging credit unions’ first-quarter record 8% U.S. mortgage market share and challenging the industry to increase that share even more, as outlined in the page 3 article in the Aug. 15 issue, “Leaders Call for a Push For More CU Market Share.”

  • Kudos on Growth In Home Loans

    It was encouraging to read in the that U.S. credit unions set a new record for mortgage originations during the first quarter of 2012. (, May 10, “Credit Unions Notch Record Share of Mortgage Market.”.

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