Credit Union Times Magazine May 16, 2012

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  • Student Borrowers Tutored on Repayment

    All student loan borrowers are out to get an education, but for those who belong to credit unions, a different kind of schooling might be in store. Some credit unions say they’re placing an emphasis on educating their student loan recipients about the borrowing process, from application submission through repayment.

Front Page News

  • Alabama Regulator Sees No Conflict of Interest

    Alabama Credit Union Administrator Larry Morgan, who was chairman of the board for the $3.7 billion Corporate America Credit Union as recently as 2010, denied accusations that he has a conflict of interest acting as regulator on issues between the corporate and the NCUA.

  • Catalyst to Acquire FirstCorp

    In an attempt to achieve economies of scale, the $2.2 billion Catalyst Corporate FCU and the $1.1 billion First Corporate CU announced on May 9 that the two have signed a nonbinding letter of intent to consolidate through a purchase and assumption transaction later this year.

  • Growth: Puget Sound’s Island Branch Blossoms

    The 7,600-member, $75 million Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union has continued to benefit from its decision to open a branch on a sparsely populated island off the coast of Washington State.

  • Unemployment Insurance Offered by U.N. FCU

    For many who have been laid off from their jobs, unemployment benefits can keep some sort of income coming in, but it is almost always not nearly enough.


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