Credit Union Times Magazine June-23, 2010

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  • Searchable Smiles: Members 1st Deploys Next-Generation Surveillance

    How useful would it be to make the database of images gathered by the video cameras arrayed around the typical credit union branch searchable like Google?

  • Online Signatures Added

    A provider of document management solutions to more than 400 credit unions said it has added online electronic signature capabilities to its lending documentation solution.

  • CUs Ahead in Online Satisfaction

    Consumers again are more satisfied with credit unions than banks when it comes to online banking, and overall they trust them more, according to an annual research report.

  • CheckFree Adds MoneyGram List

    Financial institutions using Fiserv Inc.'s CheckFree RXP online bill pay service will soon be offering integrated same-day payments to more than 100 national and regional companies through MoneyGram International.

Editor-in-Chief's Column

  • Mutual Respect for Mutual Survival

    A natural tension exists between industry and regulators that can be healthy and helps keep both on their toes. But when a loss of respect occurs on either side, and currently on both sides, it becomes counterproductive.

Letters to the editor


  • Privacy Statements Need More Disclosures

    In privacy disclosure statements provided to customers of depository financial institutions such as credit unions, a casual reading suggests that privacy of one's assets and transactions is being protected.

Quotes Worth Quoting

  • Quotes Worth Quoting

    "If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, there's been this concerted effort to blame me for things that happened when I was in the minority.

Focus Report


  • People

    Vermont Federal Credit Union, Burlington, Vt., announced that Trish Porter joined the credit union as the director of business services.

In Memoriam


  • Scholarships

    Windsor Family Credit Union, Windsor, Ontario, presented the Harold Hewitt Scholarships to 16 local students in grades kindergarten through 12th.

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