Credit Union Times Magazine August 24, 2011

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  • Yes, We Have No Tellers

    Another credit union announced last week that it was taking a step in the direction of removing tellers from its branches.

  • Is Western Bridge Falling Down?

    It is countdown to an Aug. 31 deadline for United Resources, the new corporate that may rise out of Western Bridge, but there are plenty of signs that credit unions are looking for alternatives as the evidence mounts that the capital goal will not be reached.

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  • Long-Term Growth Starts With School Days

    Children are your conduit to new and younger members. My kids’ school has a bank branch in it to serve them. Never fear, my children use our credit union, but this early exposure to financial services is a great means to educate young children.

Letters to the editor

  • Real Math For the NCUSIF

    Sarah Snell Cooke’s column, “Parsing the Possible Harm Awaiting NCUSIF” (Aug. 17 issue) presents some unfounded extrapolations about potential losses to the NCUSIF. The column simply took the assets of all CAMEL 4 and 5 credit unions, assumed they would all fail and applied the average loss ratio of 17%...

  • Tax Exemption a 'Security Blanket'

    We have an 11-year-old granddaughter, and I vividly remember her as an infant receiving a warm, comfortable blanket. Before long she was calling the blanket “Blanky.” Blanky gave her comfort serving as a pillow, covering her when she was cold and when something upset her, she could always depend on...

  • NCUA Suits Call for Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Last week, the NCUA added to its list of targets by suing Goldman Sachs for $491 million for losses corporates endured due to mortgage-backed securities. This is the fourth suit filed by the NCUA against securities firms, seeking a total of $2 billion in damages.

  • CUNA Mutual’s Reorganization Plan Deserves Close Look

    I’m writing in response to Brian Prunty’s letter regarding CUNA Mutual’s proposed reorganization to a mutual holding company structure. [CU Times, Aug. 17, page 10.] Like Prunty, we encourage all policyholders to read through the MHC materials thoroughly. Further, we, too, believe in the benefits of mutual ownership and in...


  • Corporate Capitalization: Look at the Big Picture

    With weeks to go in the corporate capitalization process, it is important that every credit union make a thoughtful, well-documented decision and actively consider their involvement, if any, in a properly structured corporate as part of their fiscal strategy moving forward.

  • Time to Reconsider Your Dividend Rates?

    The ride that the stock market has given us over the past weeks has had all the thrills of a great theme park roller coaster. It started with the slow tick, tick, tick as our political leaders did little to resolve the debt problem. Then we had quick and furious...

  • Remaking Mobile Choices

    When it comes to providing services to members, their expectations about what they can or cannot do with the services you've given them is critical. Regardless of the channel, you must support the baseline expectations of your members.

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